One marketing decision that business owners need to make is whether or not to advertise on Google Ads (formerly AdWords). If you decide to advertise on Google, your next questions might be how do I do it? Do I do it myself? Do I hire someone to do it in-house? Do I hire an agency?’ Below are a few reasons you may want to consider hiring an agency instead of managing it in-house.

Generally, hiring someone to manage your campaign in-house will cost more than hiring an agency. Besides a salary, your in-house employee will likely receive benefits like health insurance and you’ll also need to pay for other overhead costs (their computer, etc.). If you decide to hire an agency, you’ll pay a monthly fee or commission. At Faldet Marketing, we typically charge a flat fee for our management services, but other agencies may have other pricing structures.

Trusting someone outside your business might be hard, but in this case, it is worth it. Google Ads is complex and always changing. Google has a Google Partners program that provides access to trainings and resources to help partners keep up with changes to the system. To earn a Google Partner badge, companies must meet specific spend requirements and show consistent growth and improvement in their campaigns. Employees at the company must also complete Google’s training programs. A Google Partner Badge is a good indicator that your campaign will be in good hands. If you were wondering, Faldet Marketing is a Google Partner.

Conversion/Results Tracking
A good PPC manager will implement conversion/results tracking on your campaigns, and then continuously optimize your campaign to get better results for your budget. This is pretty straightforward in theory, but it can get pretty technical when it comes to executing actual conversion tracking. It involves creating tags (custom coding) to be placed on specific pages of your website. Sometimes it involves creating a tag that will only fire when a specific action occurs (examples include form submissions or phone calls from your website). If the tags are created incorrectly or placed on the wrong page of the site, the conversion won’t track properly. Even worse, when you start altering the coding on your website, there is the potential of changing something on your site that shouldn’t be changed. Faldet Marketing typically uses Google Tag Manager for our conversion tags which requires placing ONE set of coding on every page of your website and then within Google Tag Manager we can set up the specific tracking that we need.

Resources and Tools
When you outsource your PPC management, you’ll be using an agency that has access to all the necessary tools and resources. I already mentioned the Google Partner resources, but a good PPC manager also uses other tools. At Faldet Marketing, we read trade publications to keep up with industry changes, we use competitor analysis tools, keyword research tools, and more. While a lot of these tools and resources are publicly available, having the expertise on how to read an analyze them is crucial.

Reporting is important because it shows the performance of your campaign over a specific time period (and sometimes in comparison to a previous period). Agencies are typically more efficient in providing custom reports on a regular basis than someone in-house may be because agencies provide reports to all of their clients and have a better understanding of the metrics available to report on and what those metrics mean. At Faldet Marketing, we provide custom, interactive reports monthly that show the results of your campaign. We will also walk you through what all the metrics mean and answer any questions about the report. We have the ability to include Google Analytics data with your report and can even link data from other sources if it would be beneficial. We also include all the cost data to be completely transparent on where your dollars are being spent.

Overall, outsourcing your PPC Management is a great option for any business owner or decision maker. You’ll receive expert management and analysis for a fraction of the cost of hiring someone to handle it in-house. If you’d like to talk to us about managing your campaigns, contact us here.