Do you ever wonder how you or your business can create more leads by just your website alone? Well you’re in luck because today we will be going over, in detail, five key points to achieve just that! Each tip will start with a brief description and then progress to how we, at Faldet Marketing, utilize and incorporate these tips into each and every website.

Tip #1:  Call-To-Actions

A Call-To-Action (or CTA for short) is a noticeable characteristic on a website, achieved by good design, that prompts the user to take immediate action. For instance, you might see a promotional tag line like this (image below) accompanied by a “Get Started” or “Contact Us” button. These buttons and CTAs are linked to the contact page, a popover contact form, or even a phone number. Their purpose is to encourage the user to take action and contact your business immediately, or participate in a promotional deal. It’s important to have these Call-To-Actions spread across your website so the user can seamlessly navigate to your contact page or a specific promotional page. Call-To-Actions work great for creating any type of lead you desire.

Tip #2:  User Experience

User experience and its cousin, user interface design, are emerging fields that changed the way websites are designed and thus, how leads are created. User experience, or UX for short, can be defined as the psychological response of the user as they interact with a website, mobile app, or any digital interface. Good UX relies on expectancy likelihood and placements or positions of each element. For instance, when you log on to website, you would expect the menu to be somewhere at the top of the screen, or at least in view on the home page. An example of bad UX would be placing the menu at the far bottom of the page, next to the footer; which results in poor usability and frustration. Research shows that as the user gets more and more frustrated, the chances of them leaving your website drastically increases. And it is imperative to keep the user on the website for as long as possible in order to convert a lead to a sale, so good user experience design is crucial!

Tip #3: Landing Page

A landing page is single page, separate from the rest of the website, but still branded as your company. These pages come in handy when your business has a specific offer to promote that requires a little more explanation than a Call-To-Action. Another benefit is that since a landing page is separate from the main structure of the site, it comes with its own URL link. So, your other marketing campaigns promoting the offer can link directly to this page, creating a seamless experience for the user. This customization and efficiency is a great way to create and convert leads through your website.

Tip #4: Mobile Friendly

In this day and age, everyone has a smartphone with an internet connection. So, having a website that is optimized for both desktop and mobile is paramount. This optimization creates a clean design and allows the user to roam your site without having to constantly zoom in and out. It also portrays your business as more professional which is always good thing when trying to create leads.

Tip #5: Clickable Phone Number & Email Address

Once a lead decides they want to call, it important that they don’t run into any last-minute snags that would cause them to leave. That’s why linking every phone number, on both desktop and mobile, is critical. On mobile, once the number is clicked it will automatically access their phone app and starting calling. On desktop, if available, it will open the computers phone app and starting ringing. The same goes for the email address – once clicked, the email app on both desktop and mobile will open immediately and prompt the user to start typing.