Wow, it’s only been two years? It’s been two years already?  Both thoughts have been running through my head this week. When you start a business, you learn so much in the first year (bookkeeping, insurance, contracts, cash flow, employees, payroll, the list goes on…), but time just flies by each week. When I look up a year after that with 4 great employees, a growing business with some of the best clients on earth, and ready to hire sales staff and expand beyond my relationships in the next year, I am thinking again, wow! two years really do fly, but I can barely remember what it was like to not be running this business.


Faldet Marketing began after Thanksgiving in 2016, so this is the perfect time of the year to step back, appreciate all we have accomplished and give thanks to the people who make this possible.


I think it would be the most appropriate to first thank God for what he’s done for me and my family (and others). With his guidance, I’ve been able to feel good about the decisions I’m making each day and am humbled to know it’s his wealth, not mine.


My wife, Rachael, deserves so much thanks. She’s my sounding board,  bookkeeper, an amazing mom to our kiddos, daily motivator and so much more.



Thanks to my beautiful 3 girls: Caroline (4), Norah (two) and Lark (6 mo) who puts up with Dad having to dive in and out of work at not the most convenient times (during dance parties, lunch time, bedtime, etc…) to take a quick call or deal with an immediate issue. Also, thanks to all extended family and friends for similar reasons!


Thanks to my employees: Chase, Beth, Brooke and Maris who make Faldet Marketing look great at what we do for our clients. They are my specialists. They know what looks good and how to help drive results for our clients. It’s been a pleasure to watch them grow in their trades since they’ve started with FMI.


Left to right: Brooke, Beth, Maris, Chase


Thanks to all my referral partners (you know who you are). These are people who trust me and believe in what we do. I so appreciate all the referrals you have sent to me over these past two years. This business has been built solely on referrals, and it would not be the size it is today without all of you!


Finally, thanks to our clients! We appreciate you choosing to partner with Faldet Marketing. You give us grace, you trust our judgement and you believe in our mission.


BNI Group – Early Morning Networkers


So whether it’s been the fastest two years or the longest (still haven’t made up my mind), I wouldn’t change anything about it. Thanks for a great two years everyone! Looking forward to seeing what the next two years have in store.


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!